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Tips To Make Your Hair Grow

Posted on January 11, 2012 at 4:45 PM

As a black woman and more so a Caribbean woman, I have found it very tedious and tiresome to care my hair. Trying to grow my hair a certain length while keeping it healthy is a mystry to me. Luckily I have found serveral articles online that have helped me and I'm in the process of getting my hair to the length that I want it.


One of the biggest myths about black hair is that it doesn't grow or grow as quickly as other types of hair. All hair grows an average of ½ inch per month, but it's how you treat your hair that determines how much you'll retain. Some women swear by vitamin regimens that call for popping pills all day long, while others cut their hair according to the phases of the moon. There's no mumbo-jumbo involved in hair growth. All that's required is your commitment to healthy hair practices and treating your hair with TLC.


Hair Tips for growing long black healthy hair


When people ask me about my hair and they want tips to growing out their hair, I found that they want my hair, it's length, shine and bounce but they don't want to put the work behind it. So my first tip is Commitment!


Commitment - You will need to be committed to your goal! It's going to be work and you will have to do things that you are not accustomed to doing, but trust me ladies if you follow the tips outlined here along with using S2S products your success is inevitable!


Insanity- This is not actually a tip for hair growth but I wanted to throw this in because I receive so many e-mail questions, comments and things of the sort from ladies who would love to grow their hair. So this is more like a reality check for those of you who might be a little skeptical. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result! I'm sure many of you have heard this saying before but lets apply to our hair care practices. You keep doing the same thing, using too much heat in your hair, using the same old tired products, burning, ripping, breaking off your hair and wondering why your hair isn't long and healthy


Patience - After years of fooling around with my hair trying different products, braids, hairpieces, I ended up with a hot mess. When I finally started on my journey to healthy hair care it took me two years to obtain my current length, which is about two inches or so below my bra strap. So depending on your starting length and your goals you will be looking at a one year to two year commitment which at times can be frustrating but ladies it has been well worth the wait! And remember ladies two years will be here before you know it and you will either have longer healthier hair or you will be going around the same old maze you've been trapped in for years.


Open your Mind - ladies We need to open up our minds to different ideas and methods because let's face it, if what we have been taught and the methods we've been using worked you wouldn't be here trying to find out what you can do to take back control over your hair. Many things that I suggest and recommend may be things you've never heard of before or they may be contrary to things that as black women have been shoved down our throat for years.

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